Alexa, meet Pocket Casts

Alexa, meet Pocket Casts.


Install the
Pocket Casts skill

From the Alexa App under
"Skills & Games"


Link your
Pocket Casts account

Don't have an account?
Create one in our iOS or Android app


Say "Alexa,
open Pocket Casts"

You can find a complete list
of phrases here

“Alexa, tell Pocket Casts to...”

Try a few of these phrases

You can view a complete list here

“Play my Up Next”

Keeps playing your queue, right where you left off

“Play the latest episode of Radiolab”

What experiment could they be running this week?

“Surprise me!”

Let Pocket Casts pick an episode for you

“Tell me about the featured podcast”

If you feel like something new

“Give me a recommendation”

Based on what you've been listening to, we'll try to pick something interesting

“What's playing?”

Find out what's currently playing

“What's next?”

Find out what you have next in your queue

“Next episode”

These ears were made for walking