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Advanced Playback Features

  • Playback Speed

    Changes the play speed from anywhere between 0.5 to 3x. Power through long episodes in less time.

  • Trim Silence

    Cuts silences from episodes so you can finish them faster. Saves you hours of playback time, without changing the natural pace of episodes.

  • Volume Boost

    Turns up the volume of episodes, without changing your device volume. Reduces background noise, so your faves sound better than ever.

Episode Filters

Organize your episodes with smart episode filters. Default filters show you what's new, what's in progress, and what you've favorited. Create custom filters to display episodes based on:

  • Download Status
  • Playing State
  • Audio or Video
  • Release Date
  • Favourite Podcasts

Always Something Up Next

Queue episodes in Up Next so there's always something new to listen to. Let the app automatically build an Up Next queue, or do it yourself. It's up to you!

Ready When You Are

Set your episodes to automatically download when you're on WiFi. Wake up to a fresh batch of episodes, ready to play, everyday.

Everything in Sync

With a Pocket Casts Sync Account, your subscriptions, filters and episode progress are saved to the cloud. New device? Just sign in and you're ready to go.

Light and Dark Themes

Pocket Casts features light and dark themes. Use the app in comfort at any time, day or night.

Available Wherever You Are

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Pocket Casts is also available on the web. There's even a beta that has companion macOS and Windows 10 apps!

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